About me

Specialized in professional photography for architecture and landscape.

I Was born in Genoa in 1980 and studied architecture and photography in Genoa and in Lyon where I graduated in 2007 with a photographic research thesis on public space inside the contemporary city.

Since 2008, I have been working with artistic installations and objects design and photography for architecture.

In 2010 I’ve founded SPLACE design team along with 4 other collegues, whose work is based on temporary architectural, installations and set-up projects.

Specializing in professional photography for architecture and landscape, working with Italian and international journals and studies. Alongside the professional work photo projects pursuing socio-anthropological research which results have been shown in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In 2014 I collaborated on the documentary-99 Domino by Spacecaviar shown at the Venice Biennale Monditalia.

My¬†works have been published in various magazines including Wallpaper, ArchitectuurNL, Hauser, Perspective, AD, Domus, The Ark, Octagon, Vice, IO Donna, Amica etc…