An architectural re­por­tage from Israel.


15 seconds or little more: that’s the time Israeli citizens have to find out the nearest shelter in case of enemy bombing attack announced by the sound of sirens, particularly in cities near the Palestinian territories in the south of the country. Each building there is designed considering the presence of a bomb shelter in it: in the oldest they take place in an underground room available to all tenants of the building, while in the most new constructions is a concrete reinforced cell, placed on each floor and in each apartment set up and used as a standard bedroom or study. From outside it’s easy to recognize the heavy steel windows which draw a clear vertical line on the façades of the buildings. In public open spaces, especially near gardens and gathering places is easy to distinguish structures in reinforced concrete with doors and windows and features air vents. On a trip from the north to the south of Israel, until the border with the Gaza Strip, I researched for the silent artifacts between buildings, public spaces and in the private houses: this series of images shows the constant presence of shelters in the normal everyday life.


Category: Projects

Date: 01 January 2005

Location: Around the World

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